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Micro-CT Scanning Used for Forensic Entomology Research

Micro-CT Scanning Used for Forensic Entomology Research

We really enjoyed doing the micro-CT scanning for this interesting research project!

Read more about what the researcher had to say about the project below:

"Forensic entomology is described as the practice of utilising insects and other athropods as tools in forensic/criminal and civil investigations. In the case of death or neglect investigations, the forensic entomologist can provide essential information concerning the conditions surrounding a victim's death or neglect, most importantly, the forensic entomologist can use the developmental times/age of insects found on or near the victim and give an estimation of the post-mortem interval (PMI) or the duration of neglect of the victim.

This study forms part of ongoing research at UCT, Division of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology investigating age-related changes in fly pupae of forensic significance for the estimation of PMI. The fly pupae are covered in an opaque casing, therefore micro-CT scanning is used to "look inside the puparium", through this casing, to find changes in the morphology of certain developmental features i.e. the legs,wings as well as internal organs. Identifying such changes in morphology can then be used to give an indication of the fly pupa's age and thereby aid in determining the PMI or duration of neglect."


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